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It was not unusual for us to have two or three auctions each week. To top it off, Wayne & Barbara would sometimes hold two or three additional “real estate only” auctions during the same week.

We attribute our success to being “The Right people, at the Right Place, at the Right Time.” The slowdown in real estate activity in the Northwest created a buildup of property owners who wished to sell, but who were disappointed by the results of traditional property marketing. Buyers were around, but many were hesitant to commit themselves due to the uncertain economic outlook. By providing a professional and very entertaining approach to auctioneering, We were able to attract large crowds of bidders to each auction, and this translated into more potential bidders for the homes to be auctioned.

Liska & Associates will provide auction and estate liquidation services throughout the West. Our primary focus will continue to be the Southern Oregon region, but we will also be available to assist our clients with their out of area needs.


Our Mission

We are in the auction business, and we promote it, not only because it is our business, but because we have confidence in the auction method, and we know that it has many advantages for our clients. Liska & Associates Inc. combines experience, honesty, expert marketing methods, and a long-time established name in the business along with the advantages of the auction method itself to provide clients with the service they deserve.


Barbara & Wayne Liska



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